Beware the Ego

In an artist’s life, it is not the critic, the heckler, or the bully of rejection we are fighting – it is our own egos disguised as each one of them. Our desire for praise, and our resistance to seeing our own weaknesses and addressing them, is often the source of our pains.

We are compelled from a very young age to create, overwhelmed by our own sensitivity, enthralled by our experiences, the world around us and the divine beauty of the ether.

Why do we need praise for making art in addition to that gift? Artists see the world through a very unique lens. Why are we so hurt, so angry when someone does not appreciate how we express what we feel and see? For some of us the unfulfilled need is overwhelming, and we stop making art.

Imagine the poetry, the plays, the films, the music, the choreography, the stories and the paintings we could share with people if we spent our lives improving our craft, continued the journey inward.

It is our egos that stop us from moving forward. Not the critic. Art is about the journey of self-discovery, not a few choice words from a stranger in print.

Kaja Blackley is the author of Maggie MacCormack and the Witches’ Wheel now on sale: