art and the creative process

Respect the Fans

I will be the first to admit that there is a minority of fans that take their fandom to the extreme. They are highly emotional, and sometimes volatile. Yet, the majority of fans are good people who enjoy works of fiction and are loyal to the creators, companies and brands that have brought them enjoyment throughout their lifetime.

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Develop Your Ear

Musicians know this term well: “Develop your ear.” In its simplest form, it is the ability to hear what is going on inside of the music – it goes beyond just understanding the melody and the rhythm section. Musicians who develop this ability quickly mature and often take their playing to a higher level of artistry.

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The Importance of a Good Editor

Writers can get attached to their syntax and feel that their way of writing the world is better than possible alternatives, simply because that writing is theirs. Often that does not turn out to best serve the author’s work.

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Inspiration For Your Story Arc

How many writers have sat at their keyboard, or at a desk with a pad of paper, pen in hand, trying to figure out the story arc for their protagonist? For some of us it’s an easy task, for others it’s a brain cramping event.

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Let Go

My early years were spent living in Manhattan. New York, for anyone who has never visited, is a city to be seen on foot. You can walk everywhere; there is always something or someone to see.

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