Let Go

My early years were spent living in Manhattan. New York, for anyone who has never visited, is a city to be seen on foot. You can walk everywhere; there is always something or someone to see.

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The Charisma of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s career was short. Six films. He died suddenly at age 32, on the cusp of international stardom. And yet, Bruce Lee lives on, as engaging today and he was in the 60s and 70s. Why? His charisma.

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RIP Stan Lee

My son came home from school yesterday and, with a bit of shock in his voice, asked me: “Dad, did you hear Stan Lee has died.”

I had.

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Stay the Course

During my crowdfunding campaign there have been peaks and valleys, days of fruitful contributions and days when I wondered where all the YA fans had gone. What looks initially like rejection or indifference, we discover is simply a sign that busy people are attending to the events of their day-to-day lives.

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Keeping an Eye on the Time

Last night I was at the Todd Rundgren’s Utopia concert. I’ve seen Utopia many times since the early 80s. Their drummer, Willie Wilcox is my friend.

At some point during the show I looked around at the audience. It was filled with people who loved this band and were delighted to be at the show.

What struck me about 99% of the people I saw at the concert was that most of them had either grey hair or no hair.

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Beware the Ego

In an artist’s life, it is not the critic, the heckler, or the bully of rejection we are fighting – it is our own egos disguised as each one of them. Our desire for praise, and our resistance to seeing our own weaknesses and addressing them, is often the source of our pains.

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