Keeping an Eye on the Time

Last night I was at the Todd Rundgren’s Utopia concert. I’ve seen Utopia many times since the early 80s. Their drummer, Willie Wilcox is my friend.

At some point during the show I looked around at the audience. It was filled with people who loved this band and were delighted to be at the show.

What struck me about 99% of the people I saw at the concert was that most of them had either grey hair or no hair.

I turned to my buddy, George, who had been thinking the same thing I was and almost in unison we said: “There’s lots of older people here.” We started to laugh, realizing that what we were seeing was a reflection of our own age. As much as we feel like teenagers, time has pushed us forward. The audience was overwhelmingly an audience of my middle-aged contemporaries.

Todd Rundgren and Utopia played with heart. They performed like the pros they are. They were kind and generous to their audience. They rivalled the energy of bands touring with much younger band members.

Todd Rundgren has had a long career; from promising up and comer, to talented producer, songwriter, musician and performer. What Rundgren did do is use the time he has been given on this Earth wisely. He worked hard at his craft and its related skills, he promoted himself; he continued to grow as an artist and adjusted his goals with age.

Too many talented people are deterred from pursuing their dream. Follow Todd’s example. Work at your craft. Put out quality material. Invite your audience to grow with you and adjust your goals with age.

Life moves quickly. Don’t blink.

Kaja Blackley is the author of Maggie MacCormack and the Witches’ Wheel Wheel is on sale now: