The Charisma of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s career was short. Six films. He died suddenly at age 32, on the cusp of international stardom. And yet, Bruce Lee lives on, as engaging today and he was in the 60s and 70s. Why? His charisma.

I am speaking about the charisma that emanates from deep inside someone’s soul and resonates with those around him.

Bruce was so much more that a martial artist. Bruce was a seeker of knowledge, and like most artists of note, he was willing to forego tradition in search of truth.

Bruce could recognize flaws in his self and in his art and attempt to correct them. He experimented and explored, travelled and triumphed, rising in respect and notoriety as a master of his craft.

“But Bruce wasn’t really a martial artist,” some say. Others say he was an arrogant man. I can’t speak to the man or the martial artist I can only speak about his charisma and the enjoyment his work has given me. I don’t think he was perfect. And I am not writing this from the perspective of a fan boy, which I am most certainly not. But it remains that the man who is considered the father of mixed martial arts who has yet to be dethroned as the best martial arts star in the world, like Da Vinci and Coltrane, exemplifies the achievement of someone who was willing to move beyond beyond the boundaries society attempts to impose upon us all.

All artists must consider Bruce’s example. Uncover the truth and, like Bruce, soar through the ages, untouched by time. Wa-Taa!


Kaja Blackley is the author of Maggie MacCormack and the Witches’ Wheel on sale now:

Image: Getty Images. For editorial use only.